Yaskawa G7 Series


Yaskawa G7 Series


Features: Precise motor control: The G7 Series utilizes advanced control algorithms and sensorless vector control to provide precise speed and torque regulation for various motor types. This ensures accurate and efficient motor performance.

High performance and reliability: The G7 Series drives are built with high-quality components and advanced technologies to deliver reliable and robust operation even in demanding industrial environments. They can handle high starting torque and challenging load conditions.

Energy-saving capabilities: The G7 Series incorporates energy-saving features such as variable speed control, regenerative braking, and harmonic suppression. These features help to reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs.

Flexible configuration options: These drives are available in various voltage and power ratings to accommodate different motor sizes and application requirements. They support both single-phase and three-phase input power.

Integrated safety features: The G7 Series includes comprehensive protection mechanisms, such as overload protection, short circuit protection, and motor phase loss protection, ensuring the safety of the motor and the drive.

User-friendly interface: The G7 Series drives feature a user-friendly keypad interface with an LCD display and navigation buttons, allowing for easy parameter configuration, monitoring, and diagnostics.

Communication and networking capabilities: These drives support various communication protocols, including Modbus, Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, and PROFIBUS, enabling seamless integration into industrial networks and control systems.

The Yaskawa G7 Series is a line of high-performance variable frequency drives (VFDs) designed for industrial applications. These drives offer advanced motor control capabilities, energy efficiency features, and a wide range of functionalities to optimize the performance of motor-driven systems.

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