Yaskawa GA700 Series


Yaskawa GA700 Series


Features: High-performance motor control: The GA700 drives utilize advanced control algorithms, including open-loop vector control and closed-loop control, to provide precise speed and torque regulation for various motor types. This enables smooth and efficient motor operation.

Wide power range: The GA700 Series offers a wide range of power ratings, covering a variety of motor sizes and application requirements. It supports both single-phase and three-phase input power options.

Energy-saving capabilities: These drives incorporate energy-saving features such as variable speed control, regenerative braking, and harmonic suppression. By optimizing motor speed and reducing energy waste, the GA700 Series helps to lower energy consumption and operating costs.

Integrated safety functions: Safety is a priority in the GA700 Series. The drives include built-in safety features such as safe torque off (STO) and safe stop functions to ensure safe operation and protect personnel and equipment.

Robust design for demanding environments: The GA700 drives are designed to withstand harsh industrial environments. They are built with high-quality components and offer protection against overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit conditions.

User-friendly interface: The GA700 Series features an intuitive keypad interface with a backlit LCD display and navigation buttons, allowing for easy setup, parameter configuration, and monitoring. They also support various communication protocols for seamless integration into industrial networks and control systems.

Diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities: The GA700 Series provides comprehensive diagnostics and fault monitoring features, enabling quick and efficient troubleshooting and minimizing downtime

With a flexible motor control, powerful and extendable functionality, and the GA700 is the drive of choice for almost any task, ranging from simple transportation, presses and others up to complex systems with network connected drives or the demand for higher levels of safety. Equally impressive to its robust, powerful, and flexible design are innovative features like the tuningless vector control, the haptic keypad with guided configuration and DriveWizard Mobile, the app for smart phones and tablets. Combine all this with modern safety features and a variety of environmental solutions, and you will need to look no further than GA700 for all your variable speed needs.

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