Hagen IE3 Series
Hagen IE3 Series
Hagen IE3 Series


Hagen IE3 Series

Support various customization

01 Mounting

Available Option

- B3 Foot Mounted

- B5 Flange Mounted

02 Speed

Available Option

- 2 Pole

- 4 Pole

- 6 Pole


Power rating: 0.18kW - 90kW
Speed: 2 Pole, 4 Pole, 6 Pole options
High Efficiency Motor
Starting method: Direct-on-line starting or star-delta starting
Insulation class: Class F
Protection rating: IP55
Duty: S1 (continuous duty)
Ambient temperature: -15°C to 40°C

HAGEN motors are designed and manufactured to meet all industrial requirements, including operation in outdoor, tropical or sub-zero environments, and are manufactured to meet international standards.

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