Schneider Electric Altivar 212


Schneider Electric Altivar 212


Specifications: Power range: 0.75 kW to 75 kW
Voltage range: Single-phase 200 V to 240 V or three-phase 200 V to 240 V or 380 V to 480 V
Control modes: V/f control, sensorless vector control, flux vector control
Enclosure types: IP20 or IP21
Ambient temperature range: -10°C to 50°C
Compliance with international standards: CE, UL, cUL, RoHS, and REACH

Features: Multiple control modes, including V/f control, sensorless vector control, and flux vector control
Built-in EMC filter for reducing electromagnetic interference
Integrated PID controller for precise process control
Integrated braking transistor for efficient deceleration and control of motor speed
Enhanced communication options, including Modbus and CANopen protocols
Energy-saving features, such as automatic energy optimization and sleep mode

The Schneider Electric Altivar 212 is a versatile variable speed drive (VSD) designed for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Offering precise motor control, energy efficiency, and advanced functionality, the Altivar 212 drives provide reliable performance and flexibility

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